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The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary
Executive Committee

President Mary Maxey
Vice President & President-Elect Dorothy Nicholson
Vice President Special Events (ROS) Judi McGee
Treasurer Debbie Rogers
First Assistant Treasurer (ROS) Leslie Devillier
Second Assistant Treasurer (Membership) Justine Klinke
Recording Secretary Maggie Smith
Corresponding Secretary Lynn Murphy
Historian Lucy Lewis
Parliamentarian Merritt McReynolds Marinelli
Chaplain Barbara Henson
Salvation Army Representative Major Sandy Flanagan

Committee Chairmen
Angel Tree Joann Crassas
Boys and Girls Clubs Stick Delaup
Budget Advisory Brenda DeVore
Chic Boutique Deborah Dunkum
Tena Faust
Joella Mach
Chic Boutique After Sale Tara Conley
Lucy Lewis
Christmas Red Kettle Kim Lucas
Lilly King
Christmas Wrapping Day at the ARC Diana Brown
Kathryn King Coleman
Communications Leslie Devillier
December General Meeting/Secret Santa Warehouse Jessie Davis
Ann Roff
Lilly Andress
Maureen Higdon
Directory Brenda DeVore
Billie Selke
Easter Party Judi McGee
Executive Committee Meetings Hospitality Eleanor Evans
Family Residence Shirley Brown
February General Meeting/Membership Coffee Diane Gendel
Betty Hrncir
General Meeting Invitations Debby Leighton
Carolyn Mann
Grant Review Committee Rhonda Jones
Long Range Planning Lilly Andress
Carol Sharpe
Joyce Standish
Jane Wise
May Annual Meeting/President’s Luncheon Vicki West
Meeting Notices Annie Hero
Member Placement Billie Sue Parris
Members at Large Ann Bookout
Cora Sue Mach
Jeanie Kilroy
Montgomery County Representative Betty Chandler
Publicity Posey Parker
ROS Kickoff Tea Susan Hansen
Vicki West
Sally’s House Dale Hill
Debbie Rogers
September General Membership Tea Linda McReynolds
Merritt McReynolds Marinelli
Spring Forward Tea Jan Benjamin
Sheila Klein
Patti Owens
Website Stephanie Bribiesca