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The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary

Executive Committee


Nancy B. Willerson, President


Executive Committee Officers

Judy G. Chong

Deborah Dunkum

Sidney Faust

Amanda Gelb

Jan Griesenbeck

Maureen Higdon

Debby Leighton

Carol Sharpe


Committee Chairs

Lilly Andress

Ginger Blanton

Heather Carayanis

Kathryn King Coleman

Stick Delaup

Leslie Devillier

Candice Faure-Anderson

Diane Gendel

Kathy Goossen

Trish Greaser

Betty Hrncir

Judy Jackson

Rhonda Jones

Kathy Lee

Lucy Lewis

Kristy Liedtke

Joella Mach

Mary Maxey

Judi McGee

Linda McReynolds

Laura McWilliams

Danette Mozisek

Nikki Richnow

Gina Saour

Pam Sengelmann

Maggie Smith

Dev Stern

Ceci Twachtman

Connie Wallace

Suzie Wilson


Members at Large

Dale Hill

Carolyn Mann

Jane Wise

Merele Yarborough


The Salvation Army Representative

Major Melody Davis, ex officio member